Sunday, 23 August 2009

The chickens are coming!

Before we moved to Devon, for Handsome husband's birthday, I gave him a egg box, with photos of chickens inside, promising to buy him a hen house and chickens when we were in the countryside. As a surprise for Handsome Husband, I lived up to my promise and recently ordered a hen house from t'internet. A mysterious package arrived last week and Handsome husband was truly surprised and delighted with his present.

He set to with screwdrivers and a set of instructions that even Ikea would have thought baffling. Darling boy was on site to lend a hand and they had the house up in no time. Next up to put together is the run (essential for protecting our birds from the buzzards that soar in air above the valley at the bottom of our garden)

I've got the phone number of the chicken man- a contact from mother in law, and I just need to call him now to see if he has a couple of chickens he wants to sell us, maybe 2 or 3...We have been thinking up good names for chickens and have quite a list, my favourite is either Kiev, or Diana Ross (and the supremes, geddit!?)


  1. I have two friends here in the states who have chickens and LOVE them (no roosters - too noisy!). Once in awhile, I am lucky enough to get some eggs from them and along with their gorgeous shell colors (blues, greens, and tans), the taste beats the pants off any eggs in the grocery stores. Have fun!

  2. Thanks! we are on the list to get 4 rescue chickens on the 10th October- cant wait!