Sunday, 23 August 2009

In praise of the humble bumble

Bumble bees really are the business, they potter around, defying science with every flight they take from flower to flower. They are such a beautiful sight, but are endangered, the poor poppets.

I found out that in Britain, they were 19 species of native bumble bees, with 6 non native species. Of these, 3 have already become extinct and 8 and in serious decline. I feel a calling to do something about this and will be looking out for those bumble bee houses you can get (much like a bird house) I think they would like it in our garden, the dark green shiny leaved shrub by our backdoor is some kind of beacon for bumble bees, the pollen in the tiny pink buds is truly irrestible to these furry creatures- they absolutely love it. In early summer, they were always hanging around, buzzing away. Darling boy is a big fan and bee is one of his many words he likes to chatter on about each day.

On a recent walk-about on the in-laws farm I saw this lovely fuzzy one, and took a quick snap.

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