Monday, 10 August 2009

One night as a princess

For my 30th, Handsome husband excelled himself and I was showered with lovely presents and a treat so special and wonderful, I’m looking forward to what he might have planned for my 40th!

I had a lovely lie in and enjoyed opening all my prezzies from friends that had arrived in the post and the weekend before, hand delivered by my dear friends.

Handsome husband gave me my presents from him and our Darling boy, included in which was an original canvass, created by our budding artist, although he is only 14 months, he knows his way around with a pastel crayon. The application of a hint of his favourite breakfast cereal in one corner certainly adds texture.

Written inside my (home-made) card was a surprise I really wasn’t expecting- a dinner for two that night at Gidleigh Park- a 2 michieln star restaurant. Such a treat- I was so excited.

First up was a picnic on Charmouth beach, we stopped by at Hugh Fernley Whittingstalls for our fare. He has a canteen and store in nearby Axminster. We have been there quite a few times and were regulars for quite a while. Bread, cheese and two Chunk pork pies were the order.

We then hoped across the road to the bakery for lardy cake and then headed to the beach.
Handsome husband hunted for dinosaurs and Darling boy and I inspected the stones on the beach for taste and aerodynamics. Although it had been a bleak morning, the sun was shining as we were on the beach and it was a blissful afternoon.

Back at home Daring boy went to grannies and we headed back to shower and change for our posh dinner. Suitably dressed for the occasion in silk dress and golden heels with a tiny turquoise evening bag for me, and a dashing charcoal suit for Handsome husband, we stepped out and were soon whizzing along the Devon countryside in the dusk towards Gidleigh Park, a beautiful old house set near the moors. Aperitifs on arrival heralded an evening of pure indulgence. We opted for the tasting menu and were treated to 10 courses of exceptional food, each more amazing than the last. The staff were excellent, knowledgable and friendly, and had the sort of skill and discretion that when they left the table, they didn’t just walk away, they simply melted into the beautiful decor.

We were there for nearly 5 hours and just when we thought we couldn’t eat another thing, a third desert arrived, accompanied by handmade chocolates and a chocolate plaque iced to say Happy Birthday- it certainly was.

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