Monday, 10 August 2009

A contender for Essie’s affections?

I am a nail varnish devotee, believing in groomed nails being an essential, countryside or not, in fact, especially in the countryside. For years I have been devoted to Essie as a brand of polish. The colours and durability outperform any high street tat (not that I am anti –tat, I actually love the cheap and cheerful on occasion, but that’s another story). It is somewhat on the pricey side here in the UK, so bought a batch in a New York drugstore the last time I was there where it is as cheap as chips, and then got sister in law to bring back another booty load when she last went.

However, there is a rival to the throne on the scene in my bag of polishes- that star of many a nail bar, Jessica. It comes in an incredible 200 shades, such choice. I’d never really taken much notice of it till a bottle of it arrived for my birthday from my lovely Aunty on Handsome husbands side. A pot of the sticky wonder potion is the perfect present for a girl and I'm hooked. Great colour, loads of pigment , one coat and instant glamour is all yours. Perfect for the lazy lady in search of a little lift anywhere. My new favourite is called Imperial Rouge and I can pretend I’m a old fashioned Russian princess all I like- bliss.

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  1. Is it Essie or Jessica? Am only asking because they seem to be listed together and I'll see if I can get it here and ship it cheaper. OR, whenever we make it back there, I'll happily bring you your next "shipment" (in exchange for copious amounts of baked goods!). haha! Looks like it's going for roughly $4.95 (US$), but I haven't looked too hard yet.