Monday, 10 August 2009

A walk on the wildside

The next day, with our full complement of friends, we dragged everyone out for a walk up hill and down dale. Traversing the muddy hill downwards we called out the easiest path and yelled encouragement to those wavering. Once we were on the flat, it was gossip time and much ground was covered- in chat as well as boot in front of boot. On our way home, going back up the hill with Cute as a button, we happened upon a fairy house, it was very small and as we tried to peer inside to see if anyone was at home, Cute as a button said she couldn’t see inside and couldn’t see their baths. I love kids and at this age they are so magical. Their imagination is definitely something that adults can try to get inside, but it is so wacky and off-beat.

Once back at home, it was home-made pizza and veg patch picked salad for lunch, and then a Devonshire tea for pudding, scones, butter, jam and clotted cream, and a vigorous discussion on the proper order of application. My preferred method is as follows

Split scones (not with knife, but by hand- only a philistine would use a knife)
Apply a large amount of butter
Follow with clotted cream
Blob jam on the top (strawberry is de riguer, but I also like cherry or blackcurrant, a sharper jam)

The importance aspect of the technique to note is to apply the jam last, as it is not possible to apply (enough!) clotted cream to a scone if it already has jam on it as it is an unstable surface! My foundation layer of butter is a controversial one, but I like butter and don’t care who knows it. Another suitable topping is honey, this also works well if there is a jam crisis.

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