Thursday, 19 November 2009

The giant cupcake has landed!

The giant cupcake tin has arrived! so exciting.  It's two halves of a cupcake.  There is a tin with two shaped holes, one for the base and one which is very much Mr Whippy shaped, which is what would normally be the iced top.  Both bits are sponge- and then you ice around the shape of the top section.

I have made up the batter as per the recipe that came with the tin- it's such a funny shape I have no idea what quantity of a normal recipe would fit.  The recipe is an American one- so is in cups, argh! its always such a nightmare trying to measure in cups- how do you measure butter in cups??? and what is a stick of butter when it is at home?


The cake is in the oven now- its supposed to cook for 60-70 mins...its all very exciting!  I will report back with how it turned out (if indeed, it will turn out!)


  1. Ok, clearly, I need to send you a set of cups and measuring spoons! I find it SO much easier than weighing, but I'm certain weighing is more accurate.

    for the butter. Each 1/4 lb of butter is 1/2 Cup (solid, not whipped of course). so, if it's not packaged in sticks, just weigh out 1/4 lb. and that's your 1/2 Cup!

    I wondered how that giant tin would bake. It seems so deep I wondered how the middle would be done??? might take some trial and error...hopefully, not too much "error".

    If you have any more questions on the crazy American measuring system, just let me know - happy to help! :)

  2. thanks!! your'e a star. I have the mneasuring cups for my bread-making, but I am so in love with my digital scales, it's hard to leave them lonely