Sunday, 8 November 2009

chickens in trousers

This weekend Marvellous mum and dad were down for a visit, which was pure golden lovely.  Darling boy loves them to bits and has such fun when they are here.

On Saturday, after delivering the Firework party cupcakes we headed off to Crediton to check out the monthly farmers market there.  I'm considering having a stall there, and wanted to check it out.  They already have two stalls and I wanted to see the competition.  This was duly checked out and after this sleuthing, our tummies were rumbling.  After a local tip by one of my good friends who lives in the village, we headed off to the Devon Traditional Breed Centre at Home Farm  where they have a collection of hilarious chickens with excellent feathers, as well as pigs, chickens and rabbits- and a tasty cafe.  We had a tasty lunch and after a good examine of the animals and a slide on the slide, and picking up lots of stones (which is very important apparently?) we headed home for a well deserved cup of tea and slice of sticky date slice.


  1. This brought back memories of a house on one of our well-traveled routes that had white chicken with very fuzzy legs. We always looked for the chickens "with pantaloons" every time we went by!

  2. Thanks! and they also have the funniest run too - like they are wearing giant knee and shin pads slowing them down...