Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Is that a real cake???

The giant cupcake made it’s debut at the market this weekend.

As the recipe is a mocha cake, I iced it in vanilla butter cream to look like a mocha coffee. Decorated in tiny gold stars, with a flash of three bigger gold stars dashing across the top, with gold sparkles all over, it won much admiration.

It certainly is a substantial cup cake, and would easily feed around 20 people I have estimated. Several people asked me if it was a real cake, and one bright young chap claimed boldly that he could eat it in 5 seconds. Very impressive!

Also making a first appearance where chocolate cupcakes with toffee butter cream icing. These seemed to go down well too. Perhaps it was the cold weather, but Tiverton seemed to be in a chocolatey mood on Saturday as all things with a chocolate twist were very popular.

also appearing for the first time, new decorations on the lemon cupcakes...and baby lemon cupcakes.  Each featuring a handmade yellow butterfly with golden sprinkles. 


  1. Blimey - what a cupcake! Looks magnificent and no wonder it was a talking point. The rest look superb too.

  2. thank you! it really is a beauty, and somehow manages to look even bigger in the photo...

  3. Wowie!! that is impressive. I love it next to the smaller ones, I think that's what makes it look so big. And those butterflies are gorgeous! You are so creative and talented!

    were you happy with the texture of the giant one? Am curious how well the pans worked...I hate a dry cake.

  4. thanks! It actualyl worked out really well, but I am a perfectionist at heart and marvellous mum and dad are coming down tonight. I have out in a special request to marvellous dad to bring the suitable power tools to chop the double tin in half.