Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kissing a lot of frogs


I thought the prince was going to be my answer in salvation to having to use the beast for all my baking, but sadly it was a match not made in heaven.  A faulty thermostat has meant that actually it is almost as unreliable as the beast- it just can't achieve an even, or accurate temperature- and so it has to go.

A nice man from Comet- who had a striking resemblance to a young John Travolata, was unable to fix it and suggested a replacement.  So my new Prince is due today


  1. Better luck with this one. Though, given that you manage to create such stunning fare, the Prince can't be doing such a bad job????

  2. Sadly no new prince arrived- this was a third delivery missed...4th time lucky?

    Thanks choclette- the prince isn't all that bad, but I am after perfection ; )

  3. it is very frustrating when your oven isn't reliable. I know people who don't even have an oven thermometer (all of $5) so don't have a clue if their ovens are accurate. I guess they don't bake much...