Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Do I miss London?

When people ask me if I miss London, I always says I miss my friends and the shops (oh, and the restaurants).  But with places like this on your doorstep, really, whats to miss about the big smoke?


  1. Living here in the mountains now is very nice, but boy oh boy, do I miss the ocean! Living in New England (US), its lovely rocky coastline was at my fingertips. Now, I am a good 8 hrs away from any beach at all. Thanks for the beautiful scenery!

  2. my pleasure. i do like a moody rocky coastline, both in the summer and sometimes especially in the winter

  3. Me too. Here in North Carolina (and pretty much anywhere south of New Jersey), the coastline is nothing but long sandy beaches. Pure heaven to some, but to me that is boring. Give me beautiful interesting rocks any day! Plus, they are home to all sorts of nooks and crannies for little sea creatures to dwell, to be discovered by curious minds. And I agree, some of my favorite beach moments were in the dead of winter (properly bundled of course!). Serene!