Wednesday, 20 April 2011

This little piggy

It's nearly two months now of going local and it is still going just fine and dandy.  I only meant to do it as a one month challenge, but it felt pretty good and has spilt over into April.  I'm still hitting the local farm shops and still dodging the supermarkets.  My poor old debit card and bank balance have been enjoying the rest, and it's so much easier, as well as the local economy enjoying the benefit of our wonga instead.

I won't lie to you though and pretend it's all wicker baskets and muddy carrots.  Fresh supplies of loo roll and nappies do not materialise inside my house magically (as much as a I wish they would) but I have decided I will limit myself to a once a month hit, and the rest of the time its local local local baby.  Try it, you might like it...

1 comment:

  1. I am so impressed and encouraged by your challenge of going local as much as possible. I wish we had as many options here as you do. We have a glut of farmers' markets in the summer (just now starting up again), but it's pretty slim pickings during the other months. It is near impossible to find a butcher or fish monger and if you do, it's part of a regular store. (sigh) That is not the case all over the US, but is where we live. I remained hopeful though and have vowed to try to do more local shopping!