Friday, 8 April 2011

Mammas gonna make a little shortening bread

Whilst staying at my marvellous mum and dads last week I had the extreme loveliness of having an old friend over for lunch.  My friend is someone who I went to school with.  We were the very essence of teenagers.  Mascara, black nail varnish, long long chats, and lots of laughs when we should have been concentrating in double science.

Years and years passed and the brilliant of facebook brought us back together.  My friend is still the brilliant girl she always was, only now she is a grown up lady with 2 lovely kids.   

So, cake was called for.  Cake or something biscuity.  I knew I didn't fancy making a cake (just imagine) but I also wanted to do some baking with Darling boy that was quick and didn't involve rolling and stamping out shapes.  So, shortbread it was.  It couldn't be easier to make. Because they are so plain and unadorned, you can easily pretend its not like having pudding, but some sort of puritan necessity.  However, their buttery goodness betrays them every time.

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