Sunday, 10 April 2011

The end result of 'going local'

For the last month, the supermarkets have felt the cold shoulder of my steely defiance.  I have been shopping only in markets and farmer shops.  Annoyed with the mighty power that the big four have, I wanted to turn away from their dominance and go local.

Surely, I thought, it would be fine.  If our mother's mothers did it (and their mother's, and their mother's mother's mothers), then it must be possible.

It's been good, it's been fun.  It's been cheaper and it's felt more wholesome.  I've met some lovely local folk and our fridge and larder have been 'run down' in the true spring cleaning sense of the word.

Other things I have found.  Little brother doesn't really like yummy wholesome store cupboard porridge and would much prefer weeatabix thanks.  And, unsalted butter cannot be found for love nor money.

So, here is what I'm planning...  Do all my food shopping from markets and farm shops as before.  But, for the necessities in life that farm shops don't sell, like nappies and washing powder I'm off to the Co-operative, who as a retailer, focus on quality, equality, fair-trade and animal welfare, as opposed to the cheapest of cheap food.  This has got to be a good thing.


  1. Well done you! And if you felt up to it you could always make your own butter...

  2. Thanks kitchenmaid. Actually, I found out the other day that the brilliant woman who taught me how to ring church bells (and is still teaching me!) makes her own butter- there truly isn't a limit to her talents.