Friday, 22 April 2011

The Royal I do

Surely only a die-hard anti-monarchist, with a heart of stone would claim to be totally uninterested in the forthcoming Royal wedding.

Even if you aren't so into Royalty (is it a capital R?) the national excitement (even if its only over the free day off, and the possibility of day time drinking) is building.

Personally,I like the Royal family, the history and the role they play in our society is unique.  I like anything that gets the community together for a party. And I love love love weddings and romance. A young princess and prince, its got to be a beautiful wedding, surely? With the rumours of an Alexander McQueen wedding dress, its shaping up to be an interesting meeting of tradition and modern style.  Put the whole caboodle together and its a match made in heaven.

Anyway, the point is, Handsome husband, Darling boy, Little brother and I are all off to a street party.  I am SO excited.  Puddings have been requested as a donation, so I will of course be taking cupcakes.  The big question is how many, what flavour and what design?  Big decisions need to be made...

ps, you would be right in guessing the photo above was not taken by me (I didn't have any crowns hanging around conveniently for a photo shoot in my kitchen) instead, I found it on t'internet. Well done Google.


  1. It is even big news here in the states. We are all excited! I still vividly remember Princess Diana's wedding!

    So, has your invite arrived in the mail yet? :)

    Your comment about "pudding" makes me laugh. When we were visiting, one night your aunt said, "should we have cheese for pudding?" I was very confused. Cheese pudding? Here, "pudding" means literally pudding. I was envisioning cheese flavored pudding....which I wasn't totally opposed to... I like cheese. I like pudding. I was intrigued. Could work. Finally, I realized it just meant "dessert" and "cheese for pudding" made sense as a way to keep "pudding" light! It's amazing how we speak the same language and still manage to get so confused!

  2. Hello and greetings from California. Your site is so elegant and classy. Sometimes one reads and the writing creates images as if its cinema. Thats your writing. Just reading your profile made me see your life as a movie. Relocation, young family, Big city to farm. Wow. And some of the best, good looking cupcakes around. Love it. I write a blog about food and relationships, told through various stories. Please visit. Maybe comment. Maybe follow, if you like the writing. And your royal family better get their cupcake order in quick. Time's a moving.

  3. So royal. I love to see this kind of collection. I like it's color as well.
    dean graziosi

  4. Thank you Dean and Mario, such sweet compliments!!!

    Sadly, my invite hasn't arrived but thats ok as I think the party of the century as actually going on in our local village. Its very exciting. hoping to take some excellent photos of English country life in action.

    And yes, I always call desert 'pudding' though sometimes its called 'afters' in, its what you have 'after your mains' But mostly I say pudding- and for me, Im referring to anything sweet, from ice-cream to cheesecake and everything in-between, however fancy or plain. Pudding is one of the major food groups...