Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It's twins...

More new arrivals.  This time it's twins...Jimmy and Max are teeny, tiny twin Red Devons who were destined to go 'up the road' because of their diminutive size.  But instead they were offered to Handsome husband for the boys to have instead as (can I believe I'm saying this?) pets.  Max is the larger of the two, but is still only waist height, with Jimmy being around mid-thigh.  They are both fully grown and not set to get any bigger.  Apparently.

The idea is the boys get to grow up with cows about their own size and can practise handling these beauties.  They have sweet natures and seem very chilled and happy.  Darling boy is loving them and have been saying 'I'm a farmer now'  Little brother is pretty keen too and has been busy pointing at them with gusto.

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