Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The Surprise cupcakes

It was Handsome husband's uncle's Surprise 50th birthday party (the party was a surprise, not that he was going to be 50, I'm pretty sure he knew his age alright)

We were invited and secret birthday cupcakes had been requested.  I was happy to oblige, but nervous of having to travel with them first the 150 miles to my marvellous parents, and then on into and across London via train and tube and shanks' pony.

Anyway, logistics aside, I went for a flavour combination of vanilla on vanilla, mixed with a few cheeky chocolate buttercream iced ones as well.  For the colour scheme, shades of blue in big and mini stars and initials, with matching glitters (of course) kept it about as masculine as you can get with cupcakes (though I'm always on the look out for tiny cutters in the shapes of spanners, etc)

The cupcakes were a big success.  The party was an even bigger success, with Uncle J winning a clear award for 'Surprise birthday party candidate who was the most surprised ever'  We drank champagne and laughed and cried at his lovely speech.  Then toddled back to our hotel for a relax, before heading out for more eating and plenty of cocktails. yum.
And a final word on the cupcakes too, I don't normally go for such bright colours as the blue here on the butter icing, but I think it turned out rather handsome in the end.

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