Monday, 27 April 2009

The aga has landed

We have oil, we have a fixed aga and I am ready to rock...Only one tiny confession, is it wimpy to be scared by an aga?

With a serious deadline looming- our house warming and Darling boys 1st birthday party we have the world and his wife arriving this weekend. I need to get to grips with the beast and coax it into baking the cakes, pudding and biscuits I have been planning for this most important of life events...The 1st birthday party!

However, if it all goes wrong, never fear, I have an ingenious back-up plan. The popularisation of the birthday trifle!


  1. Ok, so you must explain to us American-ites, what is an aga?? Am assuming a stove/oven of sorts - presumably not of this decade - or even several? :)

  2. Our aga is a 2 door oil fired cooker. It has 2 hot pates on top, one for boiling and one for simmering. The two ovens are on top of each other and the top one is for roasting, and the bottom is for keeping stuff warm. They also kick out a lot of heat, so it heats the kitchen. Sometimes they also heat your water. They are a mainstay of most countryside houses and are an ideal place to park your bum on a cold day!