Monday, 20 April 2009

Daisies and ice-cream

On Sunday, handsome husband, the darling boy and I went to the wonderful Exeter festival of food, or some such name.  It was a lovely day.  There were tents of local food suppliers, all with scrumptious foods to try, as well as regional wines and ciders.  We did our duty by the local economy and chatted to some lovely folk who are all passionate about what they make and sell.

Handsome husband had a very tasty game pie for lunch, whilst I went for the classic food market lunch of spit roasted pork in a roll, with lashings of apple sauce and some cracking crackling.

We also had three icecreams between us, and darling boy had his first taste of chocolate and vanilla icecream, which he was very keen on.  We ate our icecream and made daisy chains in the sun sat on the grass.  Darling boy also ate his first daisy.  Shoved in his mouth before we go to it first.  He wasn't so keen on the daisies as much as the icecream, but he kept given them a second chance...

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