Friday, 24 April 2009

The hills are alive with the sound of mooing.

We have moved and it is bliss!

The packers packed, the van was loaded and everything, more or less made it in one piece into our new home in Devon. We didn't move far, but it is worlds away.

On the first morning, we through open the curtains ready to enjoy the gorgeous views from our bedroom window, but the mist and fog had other ideas. By mid-morning the sun had burnt through and we could enjoy the views of rolling Devonshire countryside we had longed for. Cows were gently mooing, darling boy was joining in (as he now has a special sound for cows and dogs) and we were happy.

I will post some photos of our new idyll as soon as the camera and cables are unpacked, but till then, more stories of fun at home will follow...

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