Sunday, 12 April 2009

Sticky Toffee pudding and sticky toffee vodka

It was sister-in-law's birthday just recently and we were planning on converging at my in-laws to celebrate. I wanted to make her a birthday cake and was pondering which sort.

One of my possibilities was a sticky toffee pudding, complete with toffee sauce. I asked sister-in-law how she felt about sticky toffee pudding, she said she felt strongly about it and so the decision was made.

I'd not made it before, but always game for an experiment I gave it a go, and my word, its rather good. The toffee sauce that went with it was obscene, so sweet and, well, toffee-ish. It was so good it was very hard to avoid the temptation to eat the whole jar with a spoon before we went to the farm this weekend.

By some happy coincidence my mother-in-law had recently come back from Amsterdam with a bottle of toffee vodka. We guessed they might go together quite well...and we discovered that the two items are in fact made for each other. We reunited the two toffee deliciousnesses after dinner and everyone went to bed rather happy (hic).

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