Friday, 24 April 2009

Aga saga

We have a gorgeous kitchen in our new home. It has a tiled floor, with cream back-splash tiles with tiny painted flowers here and there (think Cath Kidstone meets Laura Ashley) The units are handmade in cream wood with a bottle green worktop. It has a large battered old wooden table with plenty of room for guests to loll around and admire the view over a glass of vino, across the terrace and garden to the hills beyond. It also has a larder cupboard and two utility rooms (oh the storage!) that are each bigger than my last kitchen in our old house...Basically I am a very lucky girl.

When is comes to cooking, we have a lovely cream aga in the kitchen, its an old beast, but I'm looking forward to learning to love my aga. The only problem it needs a new wick, and we haven't got any oil...But once these two little problems are resolved, I shall be cooking.

Oh, and we also don't have a fridge or freezer, (or dishwasher or washing machine) right now, so life is very simple, very turn of the century.


  1. To say I am jealous of your rural idyll is a slight understatement... Beats being on the broken down train at Putney on a Friday morning anyday. Of all the stations it had to be Putney. I have a unexplainable dislike for Putney station.

    Anyway, I love the blog. And the new house sounds brilliant. Elise will be very jealous of your aga. We used to have a cream one at the farm. Dad bought a new green one, and my step-mum went on aga cooking lessons! I'm sure they do them in Devon too.

    Say hi to Tom, and the little one. All the best


  2. Thanks Neil, it is lush here, country life is the way to go! who'da thunk it eh? come visit us anytime x

  3. Good luck with the Aga, I've used one for over ten years now and wouldn't be without it, even though it takes a bit of getting used to.

  4. thanks cottage garden farmer. i do love my aga, but now that my prince have arrived Im sad to say the aga has been relegated to drying washing, and cooking scrambled eggs!