Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Feeling crafty and buttons for breakfast

I was mooching around the shops looking for something lovely for sister-in-laws birthday but unfortunatley I was rather uninspired by the choice. Sister-in-law has great style and a magpie's eye for the shiny and beautiful things in life. So I was looking for something gorgeous in the accessory department, but couldn't find anything that was quite right. So, darling boy and I decided that we should return home and make something instead.

The next morning, in my pyjamas (all the best craft projects take place whilst you are still wearing your pjamas) I set to.

I got out the old wooden box that used to belong to my grandpa and is now having a new life as my sewing box and is full of treasures. I found some gorgeous burnt orange and dark chocolate brown ribbon and I wound and looped it round to make sister-in-law a ribbon corsage. I then sewed individual beads in the centre to complete the look. Darling boy kept me company, also in his pyjamas, brooming his toy cars up and down underneath the table. Darling boy seemed to be impressed with our offerings to sister-in-law and growled accordingly.

I wrapped the corsage in pink tissue and brown paper and tied a bow around the parcel with pink ribbon. It joined the sticky toffee pudding as our birthday offerings.

Sister-in-law opened her present when she joined us at the farm and modelled the corsage for us all, and very beautiful she looked wearing it too.

Whilst I was busy with ribbons and beads that morning, Darling boy also mananged to eat his first tiny button unbeknown to me (it reappeared later the same day in his nappy, gulp!) He seemed totally unperturbed and very keen to repeat the experience.

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