Monday, 14 March 2011


Handsome husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary this week and to mark it, I wanted to bake him something tasty and chocolately, but with a minor nod to healthiness (I know, not always two qualities found together in the world of cake)

Anyway, a trawl through my memory found something that might fit the bill.  Good old Nigella (how I heart her) had a recipe for what she called blondies...Basically, an oaty (and therefore, healthy) bar, stuffed with condensed milk, sugar, butter and chocolate.  The idea is to slightly undercook them to give them a squidgy, brownie like texture.  And oh dear, they are very good.  Though I think they might be more accurately (and rudely) called collar and cuffs, as the chocolate sinks to the bottom (in both mine and Nigellas-natch)  Still, I'm not complaining, who doesnt like a chocolately bottom, hoho.  Ok, rudeness over now.


  1. Hmmm...will have to google "collar and cuffs", that's a new one to me! they look fantastic! If you do want to keep the chocolate "afloat", try using mini chips (or tiny chunks if chopped up). that works for some of my recipes where the chips sink. still tasty either way though!

  2. Thanks sweet tooth- its a bit rude Im afraid.. best not to google it!!!....might be a james bond reference I think?

    They were fairly small chips, but I think next time I might dust the choc in flour as that works with fruit doesn't it? Either way, Im always willing to give it a go

  3. hmmm...interesting idea on dusting the choc. never thought of that.

    and eh, I'm not afraid of rude! haha