Saturday, 19 March 2011

Darts Farm and chocolate cake

Marvellous mum and I treated ourselves to a trip to local foodie shopping mecca, Darts Farm with the boys recently.   We oohed and ahhed over the lovely things, we mooched and meandered around the food hall and, most importantly, we stopped for lunch.

I was able to take advantage of the lovely food hall and stock up on a few essentials (bacon, cream, and a very tasty local blue cheese)  And Darling boy was able to take advantage of the Darts Farm cafe comprehensive cake counter.  As with all battles between cake and toddler, the chocolate cake was a worthy adversary, but it was a child's devotion to chocolate that won through.

Little brother looked on in wonder, but is still too little for cake (though ask again next weekend, at his 1st birthday party and it will be game on)


  1. I'm usually miles away from Darts farm (purse is thankful!) but am staying nearby this weekend and intrigued by the local blue cheese you had - do you remember the name by chance? :)

  2. Eek, sorry no. Its been long since eaten. Was delicious though!

    Enjoy Darts Farm and don't forget to have fish and chips there- totally brilliant chish and fips

  3. Abi - will just have to force myself to try a bit of all of them ;-) Am back down that way this weekend, never tried their fish and chips but will try and suggest it to the relatives, has always smelt good!!