Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Day two of 'going local'

Not really needing anything, but keen to check out what the coming weeks had in store, I popped along to the farm shop nearest to Darling boy's playgroup.  I've been there before on a hunt for seville oranges and knew what I was likely to find.  It has nice looking fruit and veg, a meat counter manned by a butcher straight from Central Casting (ie, jolly, rosy-cheeked and a local man through and through)  I managed to come away with a wicker basket of chicken paupettes, leeks, fruit, cornish brie, some eggs and some lovely daffs, as spring has finally sprung.  Proper job.

...and ps, check out Darling boys brilliant hat made by himself at playgroup, as my Cruwys Morchard chum said, ' Philip Treacy eat your heart out!'

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