Friday, 18 March 2011

My new milkman

One of my main ambitions for my 'going local' challenge was to find a milkman.  With two bambinos at home, we go through quite a lot of the white stuff, and finding a good, and local, source was going to be key to my success.  Dairy farmers have always had a raw deal from the supermarkets and it's only been getting worse for them.  So supporting a local dairy was important to me.

Luckily one of my chums at bell ringing was able to recommend her milkman.  They are a great dairy, and produce their own milk, cream, butter and yoghurt. What could be better?  I've also asked them if they could make me a huge batch of unsalted butter every now and again.

Apart from a less than clever first start (the milkman waking up our next door neighbours, the heros looking for our front door)  It has been plain sailing ever since.  I remember having milk delivered when I was a little girl, and it's just great.  So convenient.  I just have to go to my front door- and there it is!

So, people everywhere, find your nearest milkman and embrace him.  Buy his milk, support your local dairy and keep him in business.  If you don't know anyone already with a milkman, try asking in your local farm shop, or you can try websites like   Or you could always ask your friend at bell ringing practise.


  1. Was surprised not to see a milk box? That's what we had when I was a kid and we had a milkman. A (questionably) insulted little silver metal box sitting on our porch into which the milkman stored our goodies. Are those no longer used? Just curious.

  2. nope, we don't have one, but its probably a good idea with Peeky the peacock wandering around...wouldn't want him taking a fancy to my yoghurt and pecking his way in!