Friday, 11 March 2011

Home made bagels already

The variety of things I'm making for us at home is increasing.  Darling boy and Little brother are both very partial to a bagel, and the boycot of the supermarkets has meant I need to become more adventurous with what I am making from scratch.  I've said before, I'm devoted to my bread machine, but don't often use it for use the dough setting, but decided to give bagels a go, and was surprisingly delighted at the results.  They have a genuinely bagel-ly flavour and nice texture.  Bring on the smoked salmon and cream cheese.


  1. I love bagels and once tried them in the breadmaker but they were a complete disaster... yours look fabulous... lucky people!

  2. I love bagels too. Tried them once by hand and felt the end result was not any better than what I could buy, so I gave up. But, if you aren't buying them, then making them at home makes sense. Plus, a fun project. I assume you are boiling them (then baking) as per the usual method? They look great! We have tons of flavors around here.

  3. hello, thanks dom, they were tasty and had the last of them today with pastrami and cream cheese, very excellent.

    Yes, sweet tooth, they were boiled in sugar water for 4 mins, then baked at something quite high like 200 degrees for around 30 mins I think. Im looking forward to making them again and going for cinnamon and sultana- which is my fav flav.