Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Breaking free of the supermarket chain

Inspired by watching The Peoples Supermarket on telly and knowing what I know about how cruel supermarkets can be to the farmers they exploit, and the consumers they brainwash, and also being annoyed at how I give Tesco half our monthly income, despite the poor service and quality, and not forgetting their general evilness, I have decided to cut them off. Cold Turkey. For the whole of March I will not be buying anything in any supermarket.  Just for a month, to see how it goes.  If its bearable, likeable, or even wonderful I hope to continue.

Now to some, who tra-la-la from grocers to butchers each weekend with a wicker basket in hand, this might not sound like all that much, but for me it represents a stand and a big change.  With two small children and Handsome husband who works 7 days a week, and me with a cupcake business to run, time is short and precious. However, I shall join those who protest against the wicked ways of the big four.  I will take up my wicker basket and cast aside my clubcard.  Women ran family homes quite successfully before there was such a thing as supermarkets, so surely it can't be all that hard?

I will be buying all my veggies and other foods from farmers markets and farm shops.  A chum at bell ringing has recommended a local milk round (how exciting) I make our own bread, biscuits and cakes (duh, obviously) Eggs and meat can come from the chickens at the farm (and the freezer full of lamb and pork given to us by the farmer how rents the grass off us for his Houdini sheep)  So that is food pretty much covered.  I must confess to a slight cheat, I stocked up on coffee and nappies (life's essentials)  But apart from that, Tesco and their wicked brothers shall feel the coldness of my shoulder.  

I will let you know how I get on.  It already feels very liberating knowing I will not be spending any twilight time lost in the identical aisles of our local supermarket...though slightly nervous at how much time it might take once I start tra-la-la-ing with my very own wicker basket (and yes, I do have one, and yes it is lovely)

Wish me luck!

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