Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The second week...it's getting better

So, I have reached the end of the second week of 'going local'.

This weeks spend was £47...Even more impressive than last weeks bill.  So, okay, things we are running short of may start to be in issue later on in this month, ie dishwasher detergent and nail varnish remover (both essentials to me, as my refusal to waste any time doing washing up when the clever robot can do it for me, is in equal proportion to my love of nail varnish.

I'm still enjoying discovering new farm shops and market stalls that pop up in towns nearby selling colourful veg and fruit - usually with a cheeky grin and a devonshire quip.

My new favourite farm shop is in Tiverton, The most lovely Landrake farm shop, is run by the even lovelier Mary.  I'm hoping to make a weekly trip there part of our new shopping habits.

Ok, so some things aren't great about only using local farm shops...like the unsalted butter I bought which went off 2 days later, to the new milkman who woke up our neighbours, the homing heros at 5:45am (more about him later!) but on the whole, it's still proving to be a change for the better.


  1. Hi Abi, thanks so much for nipping over to my corner of the interweb. Love your boxset recommendation - I have very fond memories of watching The Good Life as a child (and as a 70s obsessed student coveted Margo's stunning wardrobe. Now I fear I'm a bit more Barbara. Hmmm.) Anyway, well done you for shopping local (especially since this means you'll be able to visit John Lewis with total impunity!)

  2. Thanks kitchenmaid, hope you go for the Good Life, its every bit as brilliant as you remember.total escapism.
    thanks as well for your support on going local