Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Vintage cake forks

Sweet tooth was asking if I ever found any vintage cake forks, after I was lusting for some a while back...Well, I did managed to find some, in South Molton market and then I was also given another set at christmas.

You can just about see them here in this photo of chocolate fudge cupcakes.  So pretty and oh so very lady-like.


  1. wow! you know the irony in your quest? I have some from your family that I received as a wedding gift. But, I don't recall to whom they originally belonged. I'll have to go back through letters to see. I thought that's what they were, but now that I see your picture, that is definitely what they are. They're lovely!

  2. Wonderful cakes and wonderful forks. Haven't visited for a while and had forgotten just how good your cakes look.

  3. welcome back choclette x

    sweet tooth- sounds interesting, i always love family history!