Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The end of week one of 'going local'

At the end of the fist week of supermarket dodging and 'going local' I can proudly say it has been brilliant.  

No frustrating, boring twilight time lost in the vortex of Tesco, dragging the kids up and down aisles they don't want to be in, being tempted and brainwashed into buying things we probably don't need, no popping for a couple of essentials and accidentally spending £60.  Just simpler shopping (well, there is less to choose from) and nicer shop keepers.  It's more fun, more interesting produce, it's quicker and there is all the benefits of supporting local businesses.  Hooray.

To top is all, the cherry on the locally produced cake is that it has been massively cheaper.  Here are the figures...This weeks shop came to £67, compared to the first week in February when I was using the supermarkets as normal, which cost an eye-bulging, puke inducing £205.  For me, this second figure says something quite telling about my consumer behaviour in supermarkets.  Perhaps it is,'I consume, therefore I am'  God, I hope not.  I think it might be more along the lines of George Mallory,  (I bought it)...because it was there'

Though 'going local' can have its drawbacks (more of which soon) the bottom line is the massive saving of nearly £150 quid (don't tell Handsome husband though, he will blow a gasket that I was spending that much before!)  It feels good to know that, instead of lining the pockets of the big 4 for another week, I have instead been going local and supporting local producers, shop keepers and farms instead.  Right on sista.

Here is to the next 3 weeks


  1. I am guessing you are absolutely right that you are doing less impulse shopping and sticking to what you really need.

    I am horrified by how much goes bad in our fridge (and I am pretty diligent about using things up). I probably spend about $300 - $400/month (US$) and there are only two of us and I do not buy processed foods (as much as possible).

    I think I may also "stock up" too much as I'm guessing we could live quite easily on our pantry and freezer for a good several months!

    Bravo for your efforts and it's great that you kept track so you'd have tangible results.

  2. Good for you. I've never really gone down the supermarket route apart from occasional forays (unless you count the co-op). But what I get from my local shops is excellent service. They know who I am and will always try to get what I want and pretty much know the sort of things I want.

  3. sweet tooth, you are right- the contents of my freezer(s) and larder would last us for AGES. Im a squirrel at heart, or maybe its my russian roots?

    Choclette, I am rapidly enjoying dodging the supermarkets, hooray for local folk