Friday, 22 May 2009

Breakfast with Bob and Johnny

I have never been known for my punctuality and time keeping, in fact I’m sure my friends must think I live on a different time zone to the rest of the UK. However, now my commute to work is on a proper train, I need to be at the station on time. When we were in London, I could just turn up at the tube station whenever, safe in the assumption that another tube train, however grim the ride, would be along in a minute (or perhaps not, knowing the unfortunate characteristics of the underground)

Twice a week I now take a train to Bristol and the station at Tiverton which seeming quite plain and unassuming is actually a picturesque example of modern locomotive travel. The birds are always singing, and next to platform 1 there is a field with sheep and cows in, who seem to enjoy the comings and goings of busy Devon commuters, zooming away to Plymouth in one direction, and the rest of the wide world in the other.

I had got to the station this morning in plenty of time and decided to break out the breakfast I had stowed in my handbag. I tucked into a rhubarb yoghurt and listened to the strains of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash singing about their true love from the North County Show. Who ever knew that these two mighty legends could fit into one song? I also never knew I liked rhubarb yoghurt till this morning, but with the sun shining, the birds tweeting and bob and Johnny for company, it was ambrosia to my empty tum.

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