Monday, 18 May 2009

Coming up (prim)roses?

We had friends over for lunch on Saturday with their little boy, who is a week or so older than Darling boy. The babies had such fun chasing each other round and waving balloons at each other- left over from Darling boys birthday party weekend. For lunch, I had made a caramelised red onion and goats cheese ‘open pie’ (or quiche to you and me, but since, according to Handsome husband ‘‘real men don’t eat quiche’’, ‘open pie’ it was.

For pudding, I tried a new recipe for lemon cupcakes. The night before I had the lovely idea to decorate them with crystallised primroses (as they are edible I think?) We have them growing in the garden and, painted with sugar and left to dry overnight I’m sure they would have looked gorgeous softly glowing against the pale yellow of the icing. Unfortunately, I had this idea at silly o’clock the night before, and keen as I am, I wasn’t about to go creeping about the garden in my jimjams and wellies with a torch to find the blooms. I will have to remember in advance for next time.

The cupcakes were delicious as they were, naked and unadorned. The buttery icing tinged with lemon peel was scrumptious against the light sponge even if I say so myself. I think I am getting the hang of this aga malarkey.

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