Friday, 22 May 2009

The County Fair

The Devon county fair truly was a sight to behold. There were prize ruby red Devonshire cows, and shaggy, fluffy sheep that looked like clouds on legs to admire. We saw adorable angora goats, saddleback pigs, curious alpacas and unusual clucking chickens and quacking ducks. Darling boy was very enamoured of the rabbits and waved hello to all of them and they nibbled and twitched their rabbity greetings.

The fair was packed and the sun shone down on us as we toured the site, seeing the vintage tractors, applauding the show jumpers and, naturally, sampling the local produce on offer. 

Unexpectedly there was little in the way of cake (and I wished I had brought a few of the chocolate cupcakes from home for us to nibble on) Though we did manage to enjoy a couple of venison burgers with a local cider for Handsome husband, an apple juice for me. These were eaten enjoying the singing of a Cornish troupe of male singers, who I’m sure must rehearse in their local boozer. There were brilliant, singing old folk songs, and a melodious version of an early Beatles classic, sung in beautiful Cornish accents which after a brief burst of dancing and hand clapping, soothed Darling boy off to sleep- perfect.

Later in the afternoon, he woke up just in time from a doze in his buggy to sample my ice cream (one scoop of ginger and one of Swiss truffle, and mint choc chip and Devonshire fudge for Handsome husband) Darling boy is keen on ice cream, not so sure about its coldness, but appreciates the creamy flavours.

It was also a day of bold new experiences as Darling boy sampled his first taste of honey from the Devon BeeKeepers Association tent. As Darling boy has just turned one, he is now able to enjoy the products of our industrious buzzy friends. Served up on a scone with clotted cream, he was very keen on the golden sticky stuff.

Lamenting the lack of cakes, on the way home, Handsome husband and I discussed the possibility of me having a stall at next year’s County show. It would mean a meteoric rise for a company that hasn’t even started yet- but it’s good to dream big.

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