Friday, 8 May 2009

Lets get the party started

The sunshine was out, guests arrived and pimms was poured. New friends from Devon and oldest pals from London were in attendance as well as our lovely relatives from both sides who had so kindly travelled from afar to join us.

Later in the afternoon, we gathered together around the old battered wooden table in the kitchen for singing happy birthday and cutting the cake. By this time, we had already gobbled all of the sandwiches and cupcakes, but somehow the revellers managed to find room for a slice of chocolate cake and a bowl of trifle. At the perfect moment, Brainy bro remembered the big blousy chocolate meringues I had stashed in the bottom oven of the aga for the beast to work it's magic on them. We stacked them, warm, sticky and chocolatey on a plate on the tea table. Tea was served and the whole cake disappeared!

Darling boy discovered a love of trifle (as suspected he might) he also had some chocolate cake and also squeezed in a few scones during the party too. Good to see he is taking after his mum!

Next up it was present time, Darling boy was very lucky as all of the prezzies were fabulous and very exciting to a little boy who is almost one. He was also very keen on the boxes that some of them came in.

After the party guests had gone home, Darling boy had a play on his new toys and then was up to bath and bed after a fun filled day. Some of the men folk went off to gather firewood ('me man, me make fire'- how wonderful!) and the remaining enjoyed a glass of pink chapmage and a well earned sit down.

Later that night, we gathered back around the kitchen table for chilli and jacket potatos cooked in the fire, and for talking long into the night.

What a lovely day, good company and good food. We have established what we thought all along, that our new home is a great place for parties. And, what a brilliant first birthday party too, here's to many, many more!

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