Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Do you believe in Fairies?

We had house full of our nearest and dearest, and what best to do on a Saturday afternoon after a big lunch, but strap the babies on our backs, get the wellies on and go for a walk. Staying with us were our dear friends and their two gorgeous girls. The eldest is as cute as a button and of the perfect age for looking for fairies and discussions about pixies. We looked very hard during our walk, but couldn't see any fairies. We did see their little yellow hats dotted around though (primroses turned upside down are the latest thing for the fairy fashionista dontcha know)

Imagine Cute as a buttons surprise the next morning when she found a tiny letter in multicoloured writing, addressed to her from the fairies in the Bluebell wood. They were sorry they were out when we went to look for them and they hope to see her next time. You should have seen her face!

After breakfast, Handsome husband took Cute as a button to the bottom of the garden to shout ‘thank you’ to the fairies, and would you believe it, they called back ‘you’re welcome!’

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