Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Ready Steady...


With an unexpected day off work and Darling boy in nursery, I was able to get the house ready for our guests. After cooking up a big pot of chilli-con-carne for Sunday night dinner, I then weighed, grated and chopped the ingredients for the carbonara I had planned for Friday night into Blue Peter style bowls, as I knew as guests would be arriving, I wouldn't want to be chopping, but chatting instead. I then made a citrus scented tiramisu for pudding. The last time I made one, it was the booziest pud with the biggest caffeine hit ever. I tried a different recipe this time and it is more gentle, with a subtle orange flavour. With a whole bar of 80% dark choc grated into curls on top, it is sure to be a winner.

Cooking done, after I had cleaned and tidied, shifted furniture, made beds and cots up and hung curtains, I decided to wander over the fields and pick a few flowers to decorate the bedrooms. I know its a naughty, but there are just thousands and thousands and I thought a handful would be ok. After being in the kitchen and then cleaning all day, it felt good to be out in the fresh air. Crouching down in the bluebell wood to gather my bounty, the cows were extremely curious and came over for a good stare. It reminded me of the milk advert where the cows follow some poor chap all the way home because ‘they want the milk back’ I felt sure this was the thought on the cows minds, so I made my excuses and dashed, calling cheerio in cow to them (‘Moo’) with a promise to see them soon.

We have 52 balloons, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign, and a fridge and larder both groaning with food for the weekend. Now I just need to work out what to serve at the party, and to decided if I am brave enough to make the all important CAKE...

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