Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Its a tough job

Last night I was dreaming up different flavours of cupcakes to potentially sell at my stall the market. I remembered I had had the notion after making sister in law's Sticky Toffee Pudding birthday cake that it would be entirely scrumptious to have it as a cupcake, but with the toffee sauce inside, like a sort of fondent, gooey surprise of toffee loveliness (the sort that haunt dentists dreams)...Anyhoo, so, I was leafing through one of my recipe books ('500 cupcakes', I think the snappy title was) when I happened to find a recipe for exactly such a beauty. With a few tweaks I think it might just do the trick.
I tried the recipe out tonight, as a sort of science experiment you understand. The batter was supposed to have caramels pushed into the middle, but our local shops didn't seem to stretch to caramels, so some I made with toffees, and some with fudge, and some with a devilish mixture of the two.

Handsome husband and I tried all three versions and our favourite is probably the double toffee, coupled with the chocolate fudge icing on top I adapted from a different recipe. The recipe called for coffee in the batter, which helped to cut through the sweetness. For the next batch though I will reduce the amount to give it a more subtle flavour.

See, this is what you can get up to of an evening when you live in the middle of nowhere...eating chocolate fudgey toffee cupcakes with glasses of cold milk on the side, all in the interests of science. yum.

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  1. sounds like a perfect evening to this sweet tooth! :) All you need are some fireflies for entertainment out in the fields!