Wednesday, 20 May 2009

From tax to bunting

With my brain whiring and buzzing with ideas and things to do for the stall, each night before I go to sleep I run through a check list that is part things I have to do and part things I want to do.

A brief dip inside my head, part way during the monolgue sounds something like this...

tax, stawberries, vanilla sugar, public liability insurance, which flavours?, icings, butter, cases, teacups, cake stands, design logo, how many different flavours shall I start with? mood board for company design, find local suppliers, print banner, try out new recipes, gold pen, invent names for cupcakes, place settings, applique signs, patchwork, do I need an accountant? cut-glass dishes, get crazy sewing machine serviced, chocolate, how to decorate stall, seasonal specials, toppings, vintage styling, get hen house, get chickens, need more cake stands, giant tuppaware boxes, white carboard boxes, ribbons, stickers, aprons, do I need a new mixer? wooden spoons, table cloths, roses, edible glitter, website, company name registration, when to branch out into other cakes, gluten free recipes, babysitters? make own bunting...

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