Thursday, 28 May 2009

Splash down!

Handsome husband was working on the bank holiday, so Darling boy and I decided to go visit my marvelous mum and dad.  Brainy bro was also due to be there too, so we were in for a treat.  
Now that Darling boy is heavy enough, he has graduated to a forward facing car seat and he loved the journey here, staying awake much longer than I expected to look out of the window and admire all the cars whizzing along the motorway (Darling boy LOVES cars, in fact anything with wheels) 

We had a lovely weekend at my folks house, relaxing and playing.  Darling boy was treated to a new book complete with animal sounds (he LOVES animals)  and he was also treated to a new paddling pool (he also LOVES being in the bath) all in all, this was a pretty exciting weekend for such a little boy.

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