Sunday, 11 October 2009

4 hens, 4 eggs

So exciting! The hens are here.  Handsome husband picked them up on saturday and they are settling in well. They are in much better condition than I thought they might be.  They are fairly fluffy, but just missing a few feathers on their breasts, the poor poppets had plucked them out from boredom.  They should grow back in time, and their beaks, which are a bit of an odd shape should even out too.

They seem to be enjoying the sun on their feathers and the great outdoors.  Darling boy is very excited by them, and the cats seem fairly intrigued too.

We have been debating names and have settled on Diana Ross, Margot and Barbara (in honour of the brilliant 'Good Life') and for the bravest chicken who boldly goes, Valentina Tereshkova- the first woman in space.

Amazingly, they have already laid one egg each...At this rate we will be having 24 eggs a week.  Omletes for dinner then!

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