Monday, 26 October 2009

My favourite type of welly

For Handsome husbands birthday, he had put in a special request to his mum for Beef Wellington.  And she sure came up trumps.  It was quite delicious.  The beef came from West Yeo Farm where our new cattle have come from, and it was amazing, so tender and really tasty.  Mother in law was a genius and managed to find a recipe that skipped the usual pate (currently off the menu for me) and replaced it with pancetta.

Some say the dish is named after the famous Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, due to his love of the ingredients.  Others attribute it, not to the Duke, but instead to the shiny military boots which were named after him.  Another guess is that the dish has it's famous name give to it by an English chef wanting to create a patriotic dish during the Napoleonic wars, as a culinary two fingers to the french.

Either way, Handsome husband was speechless.  He has said if our beef can taste as good as West Yeo's when its ready to eat, he will be a very happy man- and I believe him.


  1. Oh my!!! That looks SOOOOO good! I swear I gain weight just reading your blog. :)