Sunday, 18 October 2009

The third market

Preparations for my third market had gone well and, despite getting up a bit late-oops- I managed to set up the stall in record time, even doing it by myself.

The day went well.  This week I had new decorations, of dolly mixtures and tiny pink icing flowers- which all seemed popular.  The triple chocolate cookies and the spiced honey snaps all sold out, which I was really pleased about.  They looked very tempting wrapped in their purple ribbon I must say, and I was pleased with the reaction they got.

Some lovely Devon friends came down to cheer me on my way and to buy a few cupcakes for their afternoon tea.  It was lovely to see them.

I've only been doing the stall for 3 weeks now, and I have already got a birthday and a christening booked in- so exciting.  The birthday is next weekend- and its Handsome husbands own birthday- the big 30- in between here and then.  I'm busy planning his cake too.  He is a plain sponge fan, but I'm sure I might be able to jazz it up a bit, perhaps along a marzipan cow theme???

The other exciting thing about the market is that I felt the baby kicking me for the first time, for definite. It's such a magical feeling, though not entirely comfy.  I think baby must have been doing some yoga or something?

Anyway- all in all, it was a good day, cupcakes sold very well, the new biscuits sold out and the baby gave me a good boot too.


  1. Everything looks SO good! Congrats on another successful weekend. And the bookings too!

  2. Congratulations again, am watching your cupcake career with interest and cheering you on as I go. Love the biscuit wrapping. Had an offer of making some cupcakes myself for one of our local shops after my cupcake adventures on Friday.

  3. I've just had one of your absolutely delicious triple chocolate cookies with tea at a friend's house - just what was needed after a bracing walk with two labradors on Exmoor this afternoon. She bought the biscuits from your stand at the Pannier Market yesterday and we both think they are just fab! Do hope that you'll be there next Saturday so that I can stock up on some goodies to take to Scotland with me- heading up to the Highlands the following day to stay with foodie friends.

    In the meantime, this Mid Devon blogger wishes you every success!