Tuesday, 6 October 2009

A last minute pudding

What with all the hours and hours of baking and decorating, somehow I had managed to forget to make a pudding for dinner on Saturday night. This calamity only came to light when we were sitting down waiting for our local venison (bought at the market)and red wine casserole to cook after Darling boy has been tucked up in bed. A dinner without pudding just wouldn’t do. A quick trawl through Nigella unleafed just the ticket- a posh pud ready in seconds (well, minutes, I’m not that fast) It’s basically a chocolate mousse, but without all that raw egg and hanging around for it to chill. You melt marshmallows, chocolate and butter, whip cream with vanilla essence, insert part A into part B, spoon into something vintage and gorgeous (like my grandmothers tea cups) and chill in the fridge. I added a touch of all spice and orange zest to mine to give it a little lift. After the rich venison, they were a perfect partner, I couldn’t have planned it better myself. In fact it was such a standby success that I now have 2 reasons to keep marshmallows in the house at all times as a store cupboard necessity (the first being rocky road of course)

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