Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Handsome husband and the big three oh

It's Handsome husbands birthday tomorrow.  The big 30.  He is famously grumpy about birthdays, but I've got some surprises tucked up my sleeve (and stashed in the wardrobe) and I hope they will bring a smile to his lovely face.

Some surprises are for tomorrow, and one is for next Spring time (that's the present from Darling boy) and he also has some great presents to open tomorrow too which I hope he will like.

For his birthday cake (which we will have on Saturday) I am planning to make a chocolate brownie cheesecake (as per his request) and as a surprise I am going to make a chocolate truffle cow to go on the top.

Much debate was had today with Marvellous mum who was down for the day and with Mr Cruwys Morchard chum at playgroup (the naturally home of all gossip) as to what to make the cow from, either dyed fondant icing (easy to mold, not so tasty) or marzipan dipped in chocolate (this is the yummy, but volatile method, would the chocolate stick? would the cow fall apart once dipped in the warm chocolate goo?) ...Then Marvellous mum had the genius suggestion to make the moo from chocolate truffles.  I tell you, she really is a marvel!

So, in-between here and this weekend, I have to make the squillions of cupcakes and mini cupcakes, the snaps and cookies for the market, the cupcake order for this weekend, and a birthday cake, and a chocolate truffle cow.  Easypeasy.  Especially since we are out for most of tomorrow, and I'm working on Friday.

First job is to make a time-machine.  Actually, that's the second job, the first job is much more fun- and that's to make sure Handsome husband has a very happy birthday.

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