Monday, 26 October 2009

All sorts

My forth market went well, it was a cold day, but the bright sunshine warmed through and the cupcakes and biscuits sold well.  This week I had large vanilla cupcakes with tiny pink flowers, and extra cherry and almond and lemon cupcakes as these seem to be rather popular.

My lovely sister in law and the Entrepreneur, who were down for Handsome husbands birthday came along to cheer me on my way.  Sister in law was on the stall with me, and the Entrepreneur played an excellent role as 'Satisfied customer in the crowd number one' as if he were straight form Central Casting.

I get to meet all sorts of people doing the stall, the old folks who tell me they were born in 1925, and were the best in their school at maths, the diabetics who gaze lovingly, but sadly at their forbidden fruit, the gossips, the regulars, the teenagers, the cheeky old men with twinkles in their eyes, as well as the young families and the grannies.

Possibly my favourite customers this weekend were the most unlikely cupcake fans.  They were a couple of geezers, who had possibly been in the pub all their lives, each covered in homemade tattoos, with tobacco yellowed fingers and a cheeky cockney accent out of place in the countryside.  They were the salt of the earth, but a squeak on the rough side, but were lovely really, I'm sure.  The had triple chocolate cookies for geezer number one, and a large chocolate cupcake for geezer number two.  We had a nice chat about kids (geezer number 1 had one, and geezer number two had five) and as they walked away, their chocolate booty stashed away in a pristine white cake box, geezer number two says to geezer number one in quite a good natured, jovial way, 'Er, if you see that bloke from last night, you hold the cakes, and I'll deck 'im!'  You'd never hear anything like it before in the market, and I'm pretty sure it was just for affect, but either way lets hope the dose of chocolate soothed their spirits.


  1. So glad it continues to go well - did you manage to sell out again?

  2. thanks! It was a good one, I really enjoyed it- its always lots of fun x