Friday, 9 October 2009

Chick-chick-chick-chick-chicken, lay a little egg for me

As soon as the market is over tomorrow, I need to pack up and zoom back up the hill to a teeny village just past our house to a nearby farm because I am picking up our rescue chickens.  

We are collecting 4 'girls' that have lived in a barn all their lives.  I'm not sure what sort of state they are going to be in, not as 'oven ready' as the ex-battery hens, but probably fairly scraggy.  We are looking forward to giving them a better quality of life that's for sure and maybe enjoying an egg or two along the way.  They will have a very cool swiss chalet to live in, fresh air, a great view, yummy chicken food, grass to eat and 2 acres to roam when we are home to check on them.  I have also heard they like to play football, so maybe some balls to kick about too.


  1. Happy chickens means lots of eggs! Once in awhile, I am lucky enough to get eggs from two of my friends who have chickens. They beat the pants off any eggs at the store. And come in beautiful colors to boot! Have fun with them!

  2. thanks! i cant wait to get cooking with our eggs