Saturday, 31 October 2009


Today was my 5th market and, again, it was lots of fun and I sold out.  Hooray!

Going with the seasonal theme- it being Halloween today and all, I had special cupcakes with spiders that sold out in double quick time.  Special thanks do need to go to Handsome husband who was enlisted to make spiders bodies, as I just knew I had so much work to do after we got back from work, I would never do it all myself.  I can't say he totally enjoyed his craft activity- it's probably not what he was expecting of a relaxing Friday night, but he chipped in and is a total sweetheart for doing so.

As well as the cupcakes, I had the triple chocolate cookies which went down well.  Alongside these cocoa beauties I had sticky date and cranberry slices which appealed to the non-icing people out there.

However, perhaps sharing star billing with the spider cupcakes were the sticky toffee cupcakes which were something I had started planning all those months ago when I made Sister in Law's birthday cake and had thought 'this would be good as a cupcake, but with the sauce on the inside'.

I made up the base, and made the sticky toffee goo- made with extra cream to keep its gooey consistency.  Then using my new squeezy bottle, I injected this ridiculously toffee-ey nectar into the cupcakes and then topped them with a fudgey toffee butter icing. OH MY WORD.  They were really good.  I sold six beforeI had even unpacked them, and another four a few moments after they hit the stall.

As well as getting to see my 'regulars' who I'm getting to know bit by bit- which is really lovely, and one of the things I really enjoy about doing the stall, I also had my first famous sale.  An actual real local celebrity wot has been on telly and everything.  Mrs Harcourt-Cooze, wife of local chocolate guru Willie Harcourt-Cooze came by with her cute kids and bought 3 boxes of cupcakes.  I hope she liked them!


  1. Well done you - it's so good to hear of your continuing success. I love the chocolate and orange colour combination of the Halloween cupcakes.

  2. thanks! they sold really well, like hot cakes actually! I should have made more as I sold out of the Halloween ones really quickly

  3. Not famous but . . .I bought three lots of triple chocolate cookies. Took them to Scotland's Applecross Peninsula, where they were much enjoyed with tea, as we looked across the water to a glorious sunlit view of Skye, Raasay and Rona.

  4. thanks 60goingon16- it was lovely to meet you at the market and Im so pleased the cookies went down well. I'll be at the market this weekend- pop by and tell me all about your scottish adventures