Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This little piggy went to market

The big day had arrived. Of course marvellous mum and I got up a bit later than planned, so had to dash around in the morning, stuffing toast and sloshing back tea at break-neck speed. We loaded up the car and were off down the hill and were half way to market when we realised we had forgotten of the boxes- the one that contained the table cloth, sign, bunting, and so many other essentials. A frantic call to Handsome husband saved the day and he zoomed down after us with our forgotten box.

No market manager was to be seen to welcome us and show us where we were supposed to be (turns out he was on holiday), so we made it up, and bagged the free table next to the cafe. The table was laid, cakes were arranged on the platters and stands, the bunting was hung and the sign was up- we were ready for business.

As all the other traders finished setting up, I went round with a tray of baby vanilla cupcakes as a sampler, to say hello and introduce us as the newbies to the market. These were eagerly welcomed, well, everyone likes cake- especially free cake.

I couldn’t quite believe it when we made our first sale, it was such a buzz- people liked my cakes, enough to give me money for them. I know this was the point of the exercise, but it was still a shocker.

The day went on, and more and more people came by, stopped to admire the cakes and, shock, bought some! This carried on till around 12.30pm, when we had all but around 6 vanilla cupcakes left. Marvellous mum and I joked that we would now sit and watch 6 cupcakes till the end of the market, and she was nearly right. Somehow it is much harder to sell cupcakes when there aren’t many left, I guess when they are the last lonely ones left they do not look so appetising. Anyway, we persevered and by around 2pm we had SOLD OUT. What a thrill! I had imagined we would sell, maybe a couple, and would have to take most of them home again, but actually I should have baked more.

I had a few people ask me if I do parties and weddings, ‘well of course’ I said (!!?!?!?!?) another asked me how much I would charge to supply a cafe (I said I had no idea and would need to think about it- and I still have no idea) Another asked me if I would take a stand at the local wedding fayre the following weekend.

At the end of the day, I found the stand in market manager and agreed a stall there next week and can’t wait. Though this time it will be harder as it will be just me, as marvellous mum can’t make it down- but I need to see if I can do it on my own anyway. It certainly won’t be as much fun without my partner in icing sugar, but as long as I’m baking I will be happy.


  1. Oh Abi, those all look beautiful!! Congrats on a very successful weekend and more to come. Make sure you get your worth for supplying cafes or doing weddings, etc. if you choose to do that. It is shocking (to me) what people think is normal to pay and I think when you're not used to selling, you tend to charge too little for all your hard work.

    I see a great future ahead of you in the cake world! I still am stomping my feet that I'm too far away to enjoy them or to be your #1 quality tester (of course, I might have to get in line behind Mark -haha!).


  2. Well done you. How could you have done anything else but sell out - they all look so fantastic and I'm sure tasted fantastic too. Good Luck for next week.

  3. Gosh I admire your pluck! Wish I had itin me, I'd love to do that! The cakes looked wonderful so well done. In fact if I lived closer to you I'd offer to give you a hand while Mum couldn't make it ;0)

  4. thanks so much everyone!

    barrie- next time you are over you are more than welcome to take a place on the tasting panel, as our American representative!

    it was such fun I am there tomorrow, hooray!

  5. Of course you sold out! They look so amazing, like REAL cupcakes, that taste good. (so many don't)

    I just told my husband, after reading this, that I wanted to make and sell cupcakes. He looked at me shrewdly and said 'no you don't, you want to EAT cupcakes.' He knows me so well.