Friday, 30 October 2009

Made up

As the days get shorter, it means we are now leaving the house for work in the dark. Handsome husband drives (we are essentially a 1950’s couple, he drives and I am hopeless at map reading) and whilst he is negotiating the bends and curves as we speed down the hill on the way to the station, I finish getting ready for work.

But now the creeping darkness in the early mornings is making the application of makeup in the car an even bigger challenge than normal. However, for the sake of an extra 10 minutes in bed I shall not be deterred. I used to ‘do my face’ on the tube, often standing up, carrying at least one unfeasibly heavy handbag and squished against a collection of random strangers, not all of whom were particularly fragrant as I recall. In my book, anyone who has trained on the Victoria line is well experienced in applying the slap in adverse conditions. In comparison it makes applying my make-up in a cold, dark, bumpy car, weighed down by a huge handbag (some things don’t change) whilst passing Darling boy shreddies and trying to have a conversation with Handsome husband who is often ranting at the radio a smooth ride.

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